as a Service

Connecting to a service should always be as simple!

Passwordless login or free subscription to your Customer Center account.

RemAuth is a cloud-based passwordless authentication infrastructure which makes your services more secure and simpler to connect.

User experience and data security are at the heart of the profitability of your services because of their costs of support, prevention and even correction.

Connecting to a service should always be as secure!

RemAuth eliminates the main vulnerability of your connected services

Passwords are responsible for 63% of proven data violations

This is one of the key learnings of recent Verizon report about confirmed data breaches which are caused by weak, default or stolen passwords.

Thanks to its passwordless technology, RemAuth is able to eliminate the main vulnerability of connected Internet services.

Thus, the security of access to your services is no longer dependent on the good or bad use of passwords by your users.

RemAuth eliminates the main vulnerability of your connected services
RemAuth met la vérification biométrique à la disposition de tous les services.

RemAuth makes biometric verification available to all your services

Biometrics is becoming an essential technology for cybersecurity and a stronq expectation from users.

This is one of the main actions to take as recommanded by the French security organizations ANSSI and CESIN to improve the security of services..

It is as well a high demand from users as revealed in a research of Mastercard and University of Oxford which shows that 93% of UK consumers prefer biometrics to passwords.

It is the reason why the RemAuth Control application supports biometric checking on a wide range of Android and iOS smartphones.

You just have to set the biometric option in the Customer Center services properties according to your requirements.

RemAuth is multi-factor
and robust by design

The RemAuth passwordless authentication adapts to any service and gives you the choice of the authentication sources to be implemented in parallel or independently:

  • as main factor(s) for a new service,
  • as alternative factor(s) for a password based existing system,
  • comme facteur(s) secondaire(s) en complément à tout système.
RemAuth permet de mettre en oeuvre toute stratégie d'authentification

Get started and integrate RemAuth quickly!

Your first project in 5 minutes only

  1. Get familiar with the RemAuth principles in the documentation.
  2. Open a free account in the Customer Center and define your first service. You will need the key and the code of the newly created service in the next step.
  3. Copy the quick start template to your own site and customize it with yourn own key and code.

That's all! The service works, you can register users and connect them.

Extrait de l'Espace

View of the Customer Center and RemAuth Control

A standard HTTP API and Devops tools

Beyond your first project, RemAuth integrates with a standard HTTP API that includes authentication and administration endpoints as well as callback and web socket mechanisms for asynchronous events.

Using the API is made easier with a number of tools such as implementation examples, a step by step detailed demo, an authentication simulator and helper libraries.

Authentication example using the RemAuth Control app
(please click the button hereinafter to play the video)

Many thanks to subscribers who trust us with their numerous API requests.
RemAuth is committed to provide them a quality service.


You can get started in a few minutes by creating an account for free in the Customer Center.

You will be able to configure and integrate RemAuth for as many services as you wish, with the help of the online documentation.

Depending on your needs, you can then switch to a paid service level by selecting a subscription plan.


We can help you to implement RemAuth by providing training, consultancy or implementation support, either on-site or remotely.

White label


The RemAuth Control application can be customized with your brand and colors, and then delivered on the appropriate application stores.

Your customized application will benefit from the same updates as the original app.

Do not hesitate for any request.

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