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January 2, 2018

Early 2018 news

✨ Season greetings

We hope that for you as for us the year 2018 starts with many news and many projects.

PSD2, GDPR, generalized biometrics ... At the beginning of the year, the stakes are high in terms of cybersecurity, simplification of uses and transparency of services. These are all topics on which RemAuth provides you with practical and effective answers that we will detail at FIC 2018 .

PSD2-compliant strong authentication available for any service

The European directive PSD2 which comes into force on January 13th imposes to the world of finance to set up strong authentication for payment service customers.

At RemAuth, we believe that this level of security should not be restricted to the world of Fintech. Thus, whatever the type of service you operate, RemAuth allows you to easily integrate strong Fintech-grade authentication, simpler and cheaper.

New strong authentication demos and related tutos

The Shop, HiSec and Kiosk demos cover various strong authentication use cases. Beyond the demos, discover also the related tutorials. You will see that thanks to the SaaS approach and the RemAuth components, it is possible to integrate strong and simple authentication with very limited technical and financial effort.

Meet us at FIC 2018 on January 23 and 24 at Lille, France

RemAuth will attend the next International Cybersecurity Forum , Innovation Area, location E28. We will be delighted to welcome you to our booth to present our news and answer your questions.

You might also follow our Innovation Pitch and encourage us on Wednesday, January 24 at 9:00.

We wish you a very successful start to 2018.

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

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October 30, 2017

RemAuth is already GDPR-ready

Context and deadline

From May 25 2018 on, the new European General Data Protection Regulation, better known by the acronym GDPR, will enter into force and with it a number of obligations for all companies operating in the digital sector in Europe.

Even if the deadline still seems distant, it is important for any company to know how its suppliers and subcontractors take into account these obligations in order to integrate them into their own data protection policy.

Summary of obligations

RemAuth GDPR ready

The purpose of this post is not to explain all the details of the GDPR for which we invite you to consult your usual advisors. Rather, it's about giving an overview of the obligations that may require action in many companies:

  • Minimizing the collection of personal data
  • Ensuring lawful basis of the treatment
  • Respecting the right of transparency and data portability
  • Defining a treatment compliance register
  • collecting the consent of people
  • Strengthening IT security
    • Avoiding dealing with sensitive data
    • Ensuring the security of personal data
    • Maintaining a security issues and data breaches report
  • Not transfering personal data outside the European Union
  • Nominating a Data Protection Officer

The RemAuth service already satisfies all the obligations of the GDPR

The details of the responses to these obligations will now appear in the Privacy and GDPR Compliance section of the General Terms of Service and in various documents about security, consent and portability of personal data.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding the implementation of the GDPR for the RemAuth service.

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

September 14, 2017


Paris Retail Week : Nous y serons

Final stretch before the Paris Retail Week and all the brand new services that we'll be happy to showcase at the G102 booth of the Startup Village.

RemAuth for eCommerce

Find out how RemAuth can help to improve all e-commerce services  

Simpler and more effective services with passwordless authentication and on-the-fly registration.

More secure and transparent services thanks the RemAuth Control app and biometric verification.

Premium services with very strong authentication thanks to RemAuth Cards that combine the security of an easy-to-use certificate with a customizable communication medium.

See you soon on RemAuth G102 booth.

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

August 23, 2017

Certify with RemAuth Cards

Identify. Verify. Certify.
And always with ease.

For those who follow RemAuth since its launch at the end of 2016, you have seen the evolution of the service over the months, it is more and more secure and still simple .

Strong Authentication = Identify  Verify

Started as a simple password-free authentication service, we included biometric verification in the spring of 2017, supported by the RemAuth Control app.

Very strong authentication = Identify  Verify  Certify

Certify with RemAuth Cards

This summer, RemAuth adds a feature to its service by introducing RemAuth Cards, i.e physical 2nd factors which work together with biometric verification and enable services with very strong authentication and always without any password.

For service providers, RemAuth Cards are a robust and low cost means to implement highly secure and Premium services thanks to credit card-like certificates.

For end-users, using RemAuth Cards certificates with the RemAuth Control app does not imply neither technical constraints nor complex use cases. The RemAuth Cards work with any smartphone.

Please see in the release notes all the new features introduced recently.

Try first. Then take up.

Finally, our brand new Get Started section provides you with an authentication simulator that will enable you to play with all cases of strong or even very strong authentication powered by RemAuth. If you want us to send you a free RemAuth Card to try it with the simulator, please contact us at sales@remauth.com.

You will also have the opportunity to discover our latest demos at the next Paris Retail Week exhibition where we will be present. We will share more details about this event in our next post.

Talk to you soon on RemAuth!

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

June 29, 2017

Journée de la biométrie

Meet us at the ENSICAEN Biometrics Day on 7 July

RemAuth attends to the 2017 Biometrics Day that is held at ENSICAEN, in France, on 7 July from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We will have the opportunity to present our approach to biometrics as an alternative to passwords for more secure services and better user experience.

It will also be an opportunity to demonstrate our latest achievements and to introduce our next services, which will be unveiled in September during the Paris Retail Week. We will come back to this topic during the summer.

Talk to you soon on RemAuth!

May 30, 2017

Evoluer vers RemAuth

Moving smoothly to passwordless authentication

Migrating an existing password-based service to a RemAuth passwordless authentication is a straight forward operation that can be implemented very quickly.

Switching to a passwordless authentication service means opening up new possibilities to improve the security, simplicity and robustness of your service. Nevertheless, succeeding in such an evolution presupposes an approach that takes into account both the human and technical aspects.

This goes through 3 steps:

  • To define the parameters of the target service according to your objectives.
  • To ensure a smooth transition with a user interface that combines old and new functions.
  • To implement migration through RemAuth services and tools.

Find all the details of a successful evolution to RemAuth in the new Migrate to RemAuth section of our documentation that contains examples based on real cases.

Talk to you soon on RemAuth!

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

May 4, 2017

Nouvelle documentation

Spring cleaning in the documentation

You were a number to ask for improvements to the documentation. It is now done with new features such as:

  • A global user interface that lets you view all topics at a glance and simply navigate through them.
  • A new Release Notes section where you will find all the evolutions of the different components of the service:
    • the API,
    • the Customer Center
    • The RemAuth Control app.

Thanks to this new section, you will find that the month of April was rich in innovations around the biometric verification options.

We strive to meet your expectations, so feel free to come to us for any request. The easiest way for you to get a quick response is to use the Customer CenterSUPPORT section.

Talk to you soon on RemAuth!

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

March 31, 2017

Capteur biométrique

Are you rather front panel or rear panel?

Perhaps you have chosen your smartphone based on the position of its biometric sensor: Front panel for some, rear panel for others. For services that use remauth.com it's not a problem, the RemAuth Control app endorses all these devices as long as they are supported by Android or iOS systems.

Biometrics on demand as a breeze

From now on, the Customer Center enables you to choose the required level of biometric check for each of your services. Depending on the configuration selected by the administrator, the RemAuth Control app will react according to the service settings and the device capabilities:

  • Disabled check: Even if the smartphone of the end user has a sensor, the biometric check is not enabled.
  • Check if available: If the smartphone has a sensor, the check is enabled, but it is not blocking if it does not have one. This is the default option.
  • Mandatory check: Authentication with RemAuth Control will only succeed if the smartphone has a sensor and the check is successful.

Transparent biometrics for both services and users

Logs now contain an indicator about biometric check for each authnetication. This information can be viewed in the Customer Center LOGS section and can be integrated thanks to the /authenticated API endpoint.

This information is also available in RemAuth Control sections (see LOG, DEVICES and ABOUT) so that users have full knowledge of the app configuration on all their devices.

So be free to choose the smartphone that suits you best as long as it has a biometric sensor for your own digital security and that of your services. Talk to you soon on RemAuth!

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

March 16, 2017

Biometrics for authentication

Fingerprint checkingGeneralization of biometrics on  Android and  Apple smartphones

Biometric sensors such as fingerprint readers are becoming widespread to virtually all smartphones. In addition to securing the use of smartphones to their own owners, they can also be used in applications using the operating system API ( iOS 8 and beyond,   Android 6 and beyond). Thus any application can ensure at a time t that its user is indeed the owner of the smartphone.

Digital trust scale

Biometrics as digital trust factor

This democratization of biometrics thus makes it possible to add a step to the numerical confidence scale in terms of user authentication. This is the reason why the RemAuth Control app, which enables realtime passwordless authentication using the RemAuth infrastructure, systematically includes the biometric verification function in its versions for smartphones.

Easy to implement with RemAuth

On a service provider perspective, when using the RemAuth infrastructure, it is just a matter of enabling the Biometrics option the Customer Center service properties. The authentication then wraps around your little finger .

Talk to you soon on RemAuth!

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

March 3, 2017

New refillable SMS account and authentication pop-up

Sending SMS to authenticate your users is now based on a refillable account that you can credit according to your needs with packages of 100 to 100,000 SMS. Please refer to the pricing section for more details.

New authentication popup

February news summary

Légende :  Bug fix    New or improvement

API 1.4
  •   Added warning when callback page is displayed in browser which does not support JavaScript.
  •  New user interface for the JavaScript integration library.
  •  The /authenticate endpoint now includes SMS credit checking and warning on threshold crossing.
Customer Center 1.4
  •  Refillable SMS accounts with packages from 100 to 100,000 units.
  •  New SMS threshold crossing property.
Documentation et outils

February 3, 2017

Survey about your login experiences - January news summary

Login to Internet services: Easy peasy or necessary evil?

Enquête sur l'inscription et la connexion

A better understanding of your habits and experience in connected systems is essential to improve our services and to offer new ones. This is why we have put together this short survey (Only in French. sorry!).

In advance thank you to all those who would like to dedicate less than 3 minutes to answer to these questions.

January news summary

Legend:  Bug fix    New or improvement

RemAuth Control 2.3.2
  •   The RemAuth Control app is now available in beta version for MS Windows and macOS.
Customer Center 1.3.5
  •   Fix : the dispatchEvent function is not supported by Internet Explorer.
Documentation et outils
  •   The Get Started section has been redesigned and the documentation has been restructured to bring more clarity to the different reader profiles.

Talk to you soon on RemAuth!

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

January 20, 2017

The RemAuth Control app is now available in beta version for computers

RemAuth Control en beta sur Windows et macOS

For those who do not already know, RemAuth Control is the remote control application that enables end users to connect without a password and with ease to Internet services that use the RemAuth infrastructure.

Available on Android and iPhone smartphones since the launch of the service, RemAuth Control provides its users with the functions of a dashboard tracking and managing their accounts and services.

The latest beta versions for MS Windows and macOS now enable you to authenticate with the same ease without leaving your favorite computer.

Only difference with the versions for smartphones, RemAuth Control for computers does not have the scan function which is required for QR-code based authentication.

We hope you enjoy these new applications. Please do not hesitate to send us your comments or to report any problem.

Talk to you soon on RemAuth!

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

January 6, 2017

For a great new year 2017 full of simple and secure services!

There are still many Internet services that impose to their users complex registration and authentication procedures and sometimes even off-putting and not necessarily secure.

For this new year 2017, RemAuth whishes all of these services to evolve towards simplicity and security for the benefit of their users and, hopefully, using remauth.com.

Garfield's password
Credits: garfield.com

For those of you who already use RemAuth, here are the latest evolutions of the service.

December news summary

Legend:  Bug fix    New or improvement     Discontinued function

API server 1.3.0
  •   Bug fix in authentication with existing system.
  •   RemAuth improves the way new users and existing systems are taken into account by adding new response properties and new callback events to the /authenticate endpoint. The JavaScript library has been updated accordingly. For a full understanding of supported use cases, please refer to the simulator.
  •   The /invite endpoint is discontinued as it is obsolete with the latest update of the /authenticate endpoint.
Customer Center 1.3.4
  •   Bug fix in integration parameter testing
  •   No more invite parameters in the Services section.
Documentation and tools
  •   Brand new simulator to test authentication use cases.

December 22, 2016

Your RemAuth Xmas present: The brand new authentication simulator

Authentication simulator

To try RemAuth with no effort

Many of you have indicated that you would want to test the user experience with RemAuth passwordless authentication without creating an account or service.

Authentication simulator This is now possible thanks to the brand new Authentication Simulator which will allow you to test the passwordless authentication by playing with some settings to simulate different use cases.

You will be able to understand how RemAuth can integrate simply into any system taking into account existing and future users.

Merry Xmas with lots of high-tech gifts!

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

December 5, 2016

November news summary: Events and service evolutions

Trustech 2016 attendance


Thanks to the many Trustech 2016 visitors who came to discover our demos and to listen to our pitching session.

These opportunities have enabled us to successfully confront a large international audience of digital trust technology and business experts.

Feedbacks were very positive and encouraged us to continue our effort to extend RemAuth while maintaining its fundamental qualities of simplicity and security.

Service and documentation

Legend:  Bug fix    New or improvement

API server 1.2.2
  •   Fix email deliverability parameters.
  •   New device ID parameter in the JavaScript library.
  •   New user interface for authentication callback pages.
Customer Center 1.3.3
  •   Fix bug in account delete.
  •   Fix default section on first launch.
RemAuth Control 2.3.1
  •   User interface fixes.
  •   Fix user selection on Android QR-code scan.
  •  Boilerplate to start a RemAuth authentication project.

November 23, 2016

Yes you Cannes!  Join us at Trustech from Nov 29th to Dec 1st

For RemAuth, there are many reasons to participate in Trustech 2016 which gives us a wonderful opportunity to confront the international digital trust-based technology market and to present our passwordless authentication services for businesses.

First of all, you will have the opportunity to meet us at our REMAUTH stand A001 at the Croisette level of the Palais des Festival de Cannes where we will welcome you to demonstrate the service and to answer all your questions. We will be there from Tuesday November 29th 10am to December 1st 5pm.

Cannes You can also follow our Pitching Session at the Main Stage on Wednesday November 30 at 2pm for a quick overview of our solution.

Finally come to support us at the ceremony of the SESAMES Awards competition, of which we are finalists in the CyberSecure category and which will take place at the Main Stage on Wednesday 30 November at 12.45.

So very soon I hope to the side of La Croisette.

With remauth.com, Yes You Cannes!

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

November 12, 2016

RemAuth is finalist of the Trustech SESAMES Awards contest

The SESAMES Awards contest is part of Trustech 2016, the largest event dedicated to Trust-based technologies. A panel of international experts selects the best innovative technologies in six categories.

We are pleased and proud to be one of the three finalists in the CyberSecurity category. The winner announcement will be during Trustech event where, of course, we will be present to showcase and to wave the RemAuth flag.

So join us at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, from November 29th to December 1st, to support us and to get all the answers to questions you may have about the remauth.com passwordless authentication.

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

November 4, 2016

October news summary

Legend:  Bug fix    New or improvement

API server 1.2.1
  •   Minor bug with account parameters
Customer Center 1.3.2
  •   Link to test bench preconfigured with service settings.
  •   Link to invitation page preconfigured with service settings.
RemAuth Control 2.2.4
  •   Missing Cookies picture library.
  •  Test bench to try the authentication service with service parameters.
  •  Video tutorials for your first steps with RemAuth.

October 21, 2016

RemAuth on the test bench

Thank you to the first friendly users who kindly take the risk of using their keyboard and smartphone to play with RemAuth. Their returns are very useful and help to improve the service.

The Test bench is the first tangible result: With a single click, it helps you to test the services properties that you have defined in the Customer CenterSERVICES section. You can better understand the different authentication modes and options in order to define what perfectly suits your needs.

Other new features to discover in the coming weeks.

Talk to you soon on RemAuth!

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES

September 30, 2016

Passwords are just a bad memory

Passwords are a necessary evil to connect to a majority of applications and Internet services. Yet from the users' perspective, as well as from the point of view of administrators and developers, this causes numerous usability and security issues.

For this reason, the RemAuth Passwordless Authentication as a Service infrastructure brings to businesses a concrete solution which addresses these issues:

  • Simplified user experience with real time and no password.
  • More security with passwordless multi-factor authentication on demand and trackable exchanges.
  • Integration at low cost, with a standard HTTP API.

The simplest way to figure it out is to subscribe to the service, have a look at the features and start to play with.

Welcome on RemAuth !

Guillaume DORBESGuillaume DORBES