A physical second authentication factor easy to implement

For premium and highly secure services.

RemAuth Cards have unique visual codes to simply scan with the RemAuth Control application.

Why using a physical second authentication factor?

To increase the confidence level of authentication

Like very secure services such as financial services, some sensitive operations require a physical key provided to the user by non-electronic means.

This is the reason why certification with a physical 2nd factor constitutes an additional degree of security above the identification by email address and biometric checking.

What are the RemAuth Cards?

Customizable visual certificates for Premium services

RemAuth Cards are physical authentication factors defined by unique visual codes (QR-codes) that can be customized for any service.

They are supplied on credit-card-type PVC cards for intensive use.

Certificates that are easy to implement

RemAuth Cards batches are preconfigured in order to be used only with services of a unique customer account. Each card is anonymous and can be distributed to any user of any service of the account.

The first time a user scans a certificate, he/she couples it irreversibly with the related service.

Certificates that are under control

Be it with the Customer Center or with API administration endpoints, service providers have many functions to configure and to track their RemAuth Cards or even to disable them, when necessary.

Easy-to-use certificates

At each service authentication requiring a RemAuth Card, the user has simply to scan the QR-code of the card with the RemAuth Control app that he will have previously installed on his Android or iOS smartphone.

When replacing an old card with a new one, the user has nothing special to do: the first scan of the new card will automatically disable the previous one.

Universal and robust certificates

By design, RemAuth Cards are simple and work with any current smartphone, without any technological constraint such as USB, Bluetooth or NFC.

Because the solution is simple and low tech, it is robust by nature and does not involve additional support cost as it may be the case with more complex technologies.

RemAuth Cards enable you to deploy highly secure solutions at low cost.

How to implement RemAuth Cards?

At this point, we assume that you already have an account in the Customer Center and that you have configured your first authentication service.

1. Ordering cards

Before ordering the RemAuth Cards, we invite you to consult the prices and the different options available, including:

  • The desired quantity of cards.
  • Your requirements in terms of customization.
  • The card activation period after ordering (3, 6, 12 or 18 months).

    For example, if you place an order at a D1 date with a 12-month activation period, your users will not be able to activate a card of this batch after D1 + 12 months.

  • The lifetime of cards after activation (3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months).

    For example, if a user has a 24-month lifetime card and has used it for the first time on a D2 date, then he/she will not be able to authenticate with this card after D2 + 24 months.

Share your needs by sending an e-mail to sales@remauth.com with your contact information. We will then send you a quotation.

Upon acceptance of the quotation and payment of the deposit, you will see a new batch appear in the QR-CARDS section of your Customer Center. You will be delivered according to the conditions of the quotation that you will have received.

2. Enabling certification

Please refer to the SERVICES / AUTHENTICATION METHODS section of your Customer Center and select certification for the desired service.

PLEASE NOTE: For now, certification only works when authenticated with the RemAuth Control application. If you select other authentication methods in parallel (email, SMS), they will work even without a certificate.

3. Distributing and managing user cards

As mentioned above, before their activation the cards are anonymous. This means that you can distribute any card to your users.

However, if you want to view the details of your cards, or even customize the data attached to them, you can do so in two ways:

  1. Using your Customer Center, the QR-CARDS section will allow you to perform the following operations on any card of your customer account:
    • To scan a card QR-code (if your computer is equipped with a camera).
    • To display card data from its code.
    • To edit 3 fields of free text.
    The USERS section will allow you to view information about any user's ongoing and expired certificates. From this same interface, you can also suspend and resume a user's ongoing certificate.
  2. With the endpoints of the adminstration API related to the card batches and the cards themselves: Please note that the /authenticated and /admin/log/authenticate endpoints return data about certified operations.