Try first. Then take up.

The simulator is used to understand authentication use cases from a user point of view.

Then you just have to define your own service according to the requirements you have identified.

Playing with the simulator

The authentication simulator enables you to try the RemAuth service according to various use cases such as simple authentication, first passwordless connection to an existing service, registration to a service, biometric checking and certification. For more details, hover the mouse over the  information icons below.

You can then customize these options for each of your own services using your Customer Center SERVICES section and the /authenticate API endpoint.


  • The simulator runs like any other service, the first connection acts as a registration and necessarily uses your email address (not the RemAuth Control application nor a SMS) .
  • Then it is recommended to set up the RemAuth Control application on a smartphone with the email address(es) that you will use with the simulator.

 Authentication Simulator

Login form


Simulation options

Authentication mode(s)
On-the-fly registration
Biometric checking
Card certification
Corporate integration


Waiting for authentication.
Security token expired. Please refresh the page.
You are not yet registered with RemAuth. Please enable on-the-fly registration.
The former authentication attempt did not expire yet. Please retry at .
This email address does not exist in the corporate database.
The email address is not valid.
The authentication time is expired.
The authentication has been cancelled.
Simulator error. Please retry.
The authentication has been rejected.
Successful authentication:
  • User:
  • Timestamp:
  • IP :
  • Origin: on
First passwordless authentication:
  • User :
  • Timestamp :
  • IP :
Sucessful corporate registration:
  • User :
  • Timestamp :
  • IP :
Please enter a valid email address and click the OK button.
About authentication modes:
  • Whatever the authentication mode, the email address must be valid.
  • App based authentication assumes that you have set up the RemAuth Control app with the required email address(es).
  • SMS based authentication assumes that the phone number is defined and confirmed in the ACCOUNTS section of the RemAuth Control application.
Service subscription is done automatically on first login and only by email regardless of the selected authentication modes.
This option requires the RemAuth Control application on a smartphone equipped with a fingerprint sensor.
This option requires:
If you would like us to send you a RemAuth Card for free, to play with the simulator, please contact us at
This option simulates the integration of the service with an enterprise database, depending on whether the user defined by the email address is part of this database or not.

Implementing you first service

Now that you are familiar with the concepts of passwordless authentication and its various options, you can define your first service. We suggest the following steps:

  1. If you have not already done so, open a free account in the Customer Center and define your first service. You will need the newly created service key and code in the next step.
  2. Copy the quick start template to your own site an customize it with your own key and code.

That's all! The service works, you can register users and connect them.

To further personalize your service, you will need to consider the documentation .

If you are stuck, if you discover a or if you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us. The easiest way is to use the SUPPORT section of your Customer Center, We will respond to your questions as quickly as possible.

Your turn now!