Passwordless Authentication
as a Service

Cloud-based passwordless authentication infrastructure to improve the security and the simplicity of your services.

  • Robust multi-factor authentication
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Standard and easy to integrate HTTP API

A simple and secure principle

Identification by email address

A valid email address is enough to connect to any service authenticated by RemAuth.

A user's email address is used systematically, either in the authentication act itself, or to configure other authentication factors (e.g. remote control application or SMS).

Strong and even very strong security, without compromise with simplicity

RemAuth is more secure than 99% of consumer Internet services, which use the email address only on password default.

This nominal mode based on ephemeral OTP can advantageously be extended with options such as biometric checking and physical certification which strongly increases security without penalizing the user experience.

A multi-factor authentication robust by design

Main or 2nd factor depending on service requirements

The RemAuth passwordless authentication adapts to any service and gives you the choice of the authentication sources to be implemented in parallel or independently:

  • as main factor(s) for a new service,
  • as alternative factor(s) for a password based existing system,
  • as 2nd factor in addition to any system.

PLEASE NOTE: When used as a main authentication factor, the RemAuth service can also function as a user session manager.

RemAuth permet de mettre en oeuvre toute stratégie d'authentification
Example of concurrent authentication

A robust authentication based on a patent pending process of multiple concurrent factors

The RemAuth service enables you to broadcast an authentication request simultaneously to several authentication modes. Thus, in case of failure of one of the modes, the service can still be provided.

This approach improves the quality of service to users who may change their devices and mobile phone numbers.

How to get started and integrate RemAuth quickly?

Your first project in 5 minutes only

  1. Try the service from an end user perspective with the simulator of the GET STARTED section.
  2. Get familiar with the RemAuth principles in the documentation.
  3. Open a free account in the Customer Center and define your first service. You will need the key and the code of the newly created service in the next step.
  4. Copy the quick start template to your own site and customize it with yourn own key and code.

That's all! The service works, you can register your users and connect them.

Customer Center and RemAuth Control overview
 Extraits de l'Espace Client et de l'app RemAuth Control
Overview of the RemAuth API
 Vue d'ensemble de l'API RemAuth

A standard HTTP API and Devops tools

Beyond your first project, RemAuth integrates with a standard HTTP API that includes authentication and administration endpoints as well as callback and web socket mechanisms for asynchronous events.

Using the API is made easier with a number of tools such as implementation examples, a step by step detailed demo, and Open Source helper libraries.